ACCURUN® Serology Reference Materials (RUO)

ACCURUN serology reference materials are derived from naturally-occurring donor materials, enabling them to mimic natural patient samples and undergo the same testing workflow. Serology reference materials are weakly reactive to help challenge your serology assays at the closest proximity to assay cut-offs, providing additional confidence in your lab test results. ACCURUN serology reference materials can reduce cost from additional repeat testing and help conserve your laboratory budget. 

  • Naturally-derived material mimics a patient sample
  • Low-level positivity challenges your assay more effectively than medium-to-high positive material
  • Multi-analyte materials offer efficiency and conserve laboratory budget
  • Reliable and consistent source of known positive material ensures quality assurance 

Cost-effective solution for your QA program
ACCURUN serology reference materials contain multiple analytes in a single vial which provides you with the most cost-effective solution to help conserve your lab’s budget. In addition to the multi-analyte format, the use of low-positive reference materials helps isolate system errors, saving resource time and cost associated with repeat testing and errors. 

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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ACCURUN® 21 Series 1000 Multi-Analyte Positive Product 6 × 3.5 mL Request a quote EA
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ACCURUN® 21 Series 2000 Multi-Analyte Positive Product 6 × 3.5 mL Request a quote EA
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ACCURUN® 165 West Nile Virus IgM & IgG Positive Product 3 × 0.25 mL Request a quote EA
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