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The world’s only purpose-built QC solution for clinical next-generation sequencing.

For clinical genomics laboratories performing routine next generation sequencing testing, the SeraCare iQ NGS QC Management solution combines patient-like reference materials and cloud-based software to help achieve launch timelines, ensure on-time delivery of patient test results, and demonstrate compliance.


  • Save money with more biologically relevant QC data per run with highly multiplexed, pre-annotated, patient-like NGS reference materials
  • Decrease QC implementation time with preloaded CAP / AMP NGS metrics
  • Minimize IT implementation resources via cloud-based solution


  • Maximize uptime by proactively tracking and trending assay performance across a broader representation of relevant biology
  • Decrease downtime by easily identifying sources of assay variability (reagent, instrument, operator, etc.)
  • Quickly assess health of assay performance with a single precision metric


  • Simplify QC review process with one simple, integrated environment that spans the entire NGS workflow
  • Easily and simply generate QC reports on demand
  • Facilitate easier assessment of assay performance over time by internal and external stakeholders

Reduce Assay Downtime with Proactive Monitoring and Troubleshooting

performance over time

An industry-wide survey found that 52% of clinical NGS labs experience at least 12 days of downtime for troubleshooting per year.

SeraCare’s exclusive Confidence Score™ cuts troubleshooting time from hours to minutes. This single, quantitative assessment of your assay’s performance aggregates the data from highly multiplexed Seraseq reference materials. The Confidence Score enables you to spot and address overarching trends in assay performance by understanding drift and performance across reagent lots, instruments, and operators.

Learn how Dartmouth Hitchcock dramatically reduced troubleshooting times using SeraCare’s QC solution.

Track and Trend Performance Across the Entire NGS Workflow

Utilizing SeraCare’s industry leading Seraseq reference materials, the iQ NGS QC Management solution provides an intuitive, highly visual cockpit for tracking and trending all aspects of the NGS workflow in a single, centralized environment. Sample and sequencing run data are also easily integrated with VCF information resulting in a streamlined solution for final QC review.

track and trendFinal variant calls are impacted in different ways by each of the many dimensions of quality that cumulatively make up NGS run performance. Incorporating reference materials that best represent patient samples being tested with the proper mix of variants and variant types, along with associated quantitative metrics, is the key to truly comprehensive run performance assessments.

Learn how Navican leveraged SeraCare’s QC solution to get to market sooner and ensure best in class results.

Ensure CAP/AMP Compliance with Pre-Developed QC Templates and Reports

CAP/AMP Compliance

SeraCare’s iQ NGS QC Management solution provides pre-developed QC templates that include CAP/AMP recommended metrics to help your laboratory minimize the time needed to develop and incorporate a robust QC program that is ready for inspections by associations like the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Quickly generate QC reports for inspections with just a few mouse clicks and choose from an array of pre-built reports for demonstrating the equivalency of instruments and operators at set intervals throughout the year to ensure quality and operational efficiency over time.

Learn more about pre-developed workflows that follow CAP/AMP guidelines

Optimize Operations and Automate QC Reporting

Accurately tracking and reviewing your assay’s QC data in a timely manner is essential to the quality management system of your clinical laboratory. Optimize and safeguard your operations by moving away from manual tracking of QC metrics in Excel and paper folders.

iQ NGS also has an array of pre-built reports for demonstrating the equivalency of instruments and operators at set intervals throughout the year to ensure quality and operational efficiency over time. Save precious time and money by catching drift before it can affect patient results.

Learn how Dartmouth Hitchcock automated their QC.

Learn more about the components of our QC Solution

With SeraCare’s complete QC solution of Seraseq biosynthetic NGS reference materials and iQ NGS QC Management software, you’ll spend less time wrangling with QC data and hunting down suitable remnant specimens, and more time running your lab. Trust SeraCare’s 30-plus years of experience supporting clinical laboratories around the world with comprehensive solutions to their greatest QC challenges.


"You can’t underestimate all of the complexities and subtleties involved in [NGS] testing. There are a lot of factors that can impact test performance, so you really need a very robust QC program to make sure you’re meeting that benchmark."

- Navican, Using Robust Quality Control to Improve Cancer Care

iQ NGS QC Management

Full workflow QC management software featuring SeraCare Confidence Score™ integrated with the Seraseq reference materials


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