KPL Products

SeraCare’s KPL reagents are some of the most respected in the industry, providing an exceptional set of resources that will streamline and amplify all aspects of your immunoassays.

Antibodies, Conjugates, and Labeled Proteins

Since 1979, KPL antibodies have been a trusted source of reliable and consistent antibodies and conjugates for immunoassays. KPL antibodies combine an excellent mix of sensitivity and specificity, allowing for detection of even the rarest targets. KPL antibodies can help improve background issues and cross-reactivity problems, thus resulting in more consistent assays and test results.

BacTrace® Antibodies and Positive Controls

KPL BacTrace antibodies and conjugates are industry-leading detection reagents for foodborne pathogen research. Offering the unique combination of the specificity of a monoclonal with the sensitivity of a polyclonal, our antibodies will help to eliminate false positives, while increasing the speed to results.

Whether you need a broadly reactive antibody to detect thousands of Salmonella strains or a highly specific one to identify individual strains of E. coli, high-quality BacTrace antibodies can help you enhance your foodborne pathogen assays.

ELISA Kits and Reagents

SeraCare’s KPL ELISA kits and reagents offer a variety of solutions for all types of ELISA assays. Sensitive substrates allow for detection of the most minute targets, while superior blockers and washes help eliminate cross-reactivity. Our kits offer one-stop shopping: simply provide the plate, target protein, and/or monoclonal. We can help you select your optimal detection system to enhance your ELISA results.

Western Blot Kits and Reagents

Whether colorimetric or chemiluminescent detection, SeraCare can help you achieve the most sensitive results possible. Our LumiGLO® and PhosphaGLO™ substrates offer some of the most sensitive detection available, helping to uncover hard-to-visualize proteins. Detector Block can help eliminate cross-reactivity that can mask crucial results. Try SeraCare’s KPL reagents, and SEE MORE than ever before.

HistoMark® Immunohistology Kits and Reagents

SeraCare offers a series of KPL detection kits and stand-alone reagents to help optimize your tissue and cell detection needs. Sensitive substrates, thorough blockers, and specific antibodies help to enhance and speed up accurate visualization of results for your immunohistochemistry (IHC) tests.

Immunoassay Support Reagents

Tired of making buffers and blockers in your lab? We have the solution for you! Save time with SeraCare’s easy-to-use KPL concentrated blockers and washes so that you can get back to what matters most: achieving and analyzing data and results. From PBS to BSA, SeraCare has a tool for you.

Sample Prep and Protein Purification

SeraCare’s protein G and protein A-labeled agarose help to foster seamless purification of proteins from complex mixtures. The specificity of the protein G and protein A help give confidence that the target you seek will be readily collected.

Protein Labeling

Have a monoclonal that needs to be tagged with HRP or AP? Need to label a cell for flow cytometry? SeraCare has KPL reagents and kits that can help. With a variety of tags, including enzymes, fluorophores, and biotin, our labeling reagents can help you make your conjugation and subsequent detection assays a success.

Nucleic Acid Labeling and Detection

All of SeraCare’s KPL nucleic acid labeling and detection products help to foster the principles of non-radioactive detection. By utilizing probes labeled with biotin, and detection with enzyme-labeled streptavidin conjugates, excellent sensitivity may be achieved in a safer environment. No need to use radioactivity and spend money on costly disposal. See how your nucleic acid assays can be safer and more sensitive with SeraCare!