Sandi Deans, UK NEQAS, Discusses the Need for Patient-like Materials

With medical laboratory standards being more closely scrutinized, UK NEQAS turns to SeraCare to aide in their awareness of sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy in limit of detection. Sandi Deans, PhD,  Director for Molecular Genetics and Molecular Pathology, explains why she chooses SeraCare’s liquid biopsy reference standards in their external quality assessment schemes.

SeraCare has been fantastic in helping us develop the plasma-based EQA schemes. Technically that’s very challenging to deliver as an EQA provider; it’s not an easy sample type to be able to just get on tap from any patient or bio bank. – Sandi Deans, PhD

Watch this video to learn more about how UK NEQAS overcomes the challenges of sourcing material that’s scalable, reliable, and able to be transported globally.


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