Company History

SeraCare provides the highest quality IVD and clinical laboratory products with its long term experience evolving in the industry. Founded in 1984, SeraCare has stayed steadfast in its commitment to providing key components for IVD researchers, manufacturers, and clinical laboratories. 

The early years

Our early history in the 1980s shows our devotion to aiding professionals in their IVD goals when SeraCare developed the industry’s first seroconversion panels. SeraCare’s focus on serology continued into the 1990s, where we stood as a leader in plasmapheresis and increased our focus on IVD raw materials.

A corporate aggregation and consolidation of expertise and experience allowed SeraCare to expand its R&D capabilities, crucial for evolving with the molecular industry demands during the early 2000s. Our expertise allowed us to recognize the increasing applicative nature of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and companion diagnostics.

Expanding the portfolio

In 2012, Linden Capital Partners acquired SeraCare and introduced our CEO, Charlie Mamrak, and a trusted leadership team who continues to expand SeraCare’s specialties for the overall goal of improving the quality of life through a global understanding of disease. The continued development of extreme quality, improved efficiency, and focus on meeting the demands of the evolving IVD/diagnostic industry has brought SeraCare to its trusted state today, serving more than 90% of the world’s top IVD manufacturers with an increasing client base every day. 

2013 brought a strategic addition to SeraCare's product portfolio with its acquisition of KPL, a trusted and experienced provider of primary and secondary antibodies for over 30 years, as well as reagents and reference materials needed for quality control applications. SeraCare also introduced its HIV-1 worldwide isolates in the AccuType portfolio, and launched our AccuPlex recombinant viral technology, enabling the development of custom recombinant controls and reference materials.

Supporting precision medicine diagnostics

In 2015, we expanded our R&D facility in Gaithersburg, MD and announced the formation of a new ''Precision Medicine' business unit focused on the development of technologies and products to enable the safe and effective expansion of precision medicine-driven diagnostics. Understanding that our customers were transitioning to more data-intensive diagnostics methods and embracing new technologies, this business unit was formulated to develop innovative solutions to support the accurate and precise use of advanced diagnostic platforms such as next-generation sequencing and digital PCR.

Since 2015, novel products for oncology, reproductive health, infectious disease and inherited disease have emerged from our pipeline to support our clients development and validation efforts for precision medicine diagnostics. During this time, our Seraseq technology was introduced to develop high-quality reference materials for next-generation sequencing applications. 

A pillar of support for our clients

Today, with more than 150 employees, SeraCare continues to operate out of our corporate headquarters in Milford, MA. With three facilities in Milford and our R&D facility in Gaithersburg, MD, our company is dedicated to ongoing commercial development, manufacturing, and distribution of quality control products for the industry. With an extensive global network and over 30 years of experience, we will continue to serve the needs of our clients - IVD manufacturers, clinical laboratories, and life science researchers - as technology and client needs evolve.