We are passionately committed to go beyond ordinary, in collaboration with our employees, our customers, and with absolute quality. Our values of Passion, Curiosity, Integrity, Brilliance and Respect embrace our employees’ commitment and dedication to using science to work with our customers to make the world safer, and are deeply rooted in the behaviours we expect from all our colleagues.

Seracare Core Values


Pride in our achievements engenders passion for our work and it translates into our ambition to make the world a safer place. We expect our employees to strive to continuously push boundaries, challenge the norm and come to work with an infectious energy to do their best every day.


We constantly look forward to what’s next: our curiosity for today’s discoveries makes tomorrow’s innovations possible. We expect our employees to share their knowledge and expertise with each other and challenge the status quo. We anticipate our employees will discover creative and innovative solutions that will enable our customers and LGC to grow and evolve.


A commitment to high ethical standards has been at the heart of LGC since we started testing the integrity of products in 1842. Today, integrity is embedded throughout our business: we develop and deliver solutions that match our commitments. We demonstrate transparency and openness in all our actions. We expect our employees to trust the people they work with to do the right thing, to behave ethically at all times and to take accountability for their actions.


We strive to be the very best in everything we say and do. We exceed customers’ expectations through innovation and pioneering science. We set the bar high for success and keep raising that bar. We expect our employees to achieve more by working together collaboratively and to meet customers’ needs with agility, adaptability and speed.


We respect gender, age, nationality, religion and individuality – our diversity is our strength. We appreciate the skills, knowledge and strength of employees, teams and the Group as a whole, and respect our customers, their samples (where appropriate) and our environment at large.