iQ NGS QC Management Software

iQ NGS QC Management makes it easy for clinical labs to ensure optimal NGS assay performance.

Is your NGS lab efficiently recording, analyzing, and reporting QC data? Or are valuable resources spent wrangling with spreadsheets that look like this:



Instead, let iQ NGS QC Management automatically generate insights like this:

NGS assays are complex and require analyzing QC data from across the entire NGS workflow to assess run performance. Additionally, labs must record relevant run metadata and demonstrate that run QC reviews occur in a timely manner to maintain compliance. With iQ NGS QC Management, QC data is quickly and easily recorded, automatically analyzed, and ready for reporting.

  • Intuitive and flexible tools help labs quickly and easily import their custom workflows and data
  • Automatically manage and analyze QC data so that performance insights are achieved in minutes, not hours

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Inspections by associations like the College of American Pathologists (CAP) are essential to ensure proficiency of clinical laboratories. Relying on paper folders, spreadsheets, and database queries to gather QC metrics that demonstrate the performance of your test is tedious and time consuming.

iQ NGS QC Management solves this problem in seconds – with just a few clicks, you can digitally sign off on QC metrics and generate a fully compiled and ready to submit report for an inspector.


Be audit ready with all reviewed metrics documented and visualized in the Run QC Report.

Panel Update

As new biomarkers are discovered, diagnostic tests must evolve to cover as many therapeutically relevant targets as possible. However, addition of novel targets to a panel must not adversely affect the ability to detect existing targets. 

Paired with a robust reference standard such as SeraCare's line of  SeraseqTM NGS Reference Material, iQ NGS QC Management offers the ability to quickly and thoroughly compare the performance of targets for a previous version of a clinical NGS panel with data generated for a new version.

Review critical QC information about your lab’s NGS runs in the Run Dashboard.

Workflow Troubleshooting

When it comes to complex NGS workflows, anything can go wrong at any time. The cornerstone of any proactive QC program is identifying root causes of errors and implementing solutions before patient results can be affected.

iQ NGS QC Management offers an interactive troubleshooting feature that allows you to quickly and efficiently determine any workflow component that was used to generate a final call. Whether a degraded reagent lot, an out-of-spec instrument, or an operator in need of additional training, the cause of an unexpected result for your control will be quickly identified and contained.

Workflow Troubleshooting for i! NGS software