Biotin-Labeled Antibodies

Antibodies labeled with biotin provide the user with a tool for increasing the sensitivity of an assay by its ability to amplify a given reaction. A biotin/streptavidin (avidin) system offers significant sensitivity and low background.

Due to its high affinity bond, it minimizes nonspecific interactions with other proteins, and permits more complete washing without the risk of lowered signal due to antibody detachment. The result is low background, enhanced sensitivity and the ability to detect minute amounts of antigens. Biotin-labeled antibodies require the use of streptavidin or avidin conjugates.

KPL biotin-labeled antibodies were optimally designed using a long carbon spacer arm to minimize steric hindrance between the biotinylated antibody and the streptavidin, thereby resulting in a more stable biotin/streptavidin complex.