SureLINK™ Fluorescein-X (FAM-X) Labeling Kit

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SureLINKTM Fluorescein-X (FAM-X) Labeling Kit provides an easy and economical method for labeling antibodies and other proteins with the fluorophore, 6-(fluorescein-5 carboxamido) hexanoic acid, succinimidyl ester. The protocol is optimized and easy to follow, and enables labeling and purifying in just two hours with minimal hands-on time. Reagents are packaged in reaction-size vials with all the essential components for conjugation and purification provided in the kit, including spin filters to remove free dye after labeling. The SureLINK Fluorescein-X Kits contain all the essential components for conjugation and purification. Kits are stable for at least one year when stored under recommended conditions.