Clinical Genomics

SeraCare enables the promise of precision medicine by advancing the understanding of disease and ensuring correct results.

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Next-generation sequencing tools to help clinicians pinpoint critical cancer mutations


Inherited Disease

Challenging diagnostic reference materials for next-generation sequencing panels and exomes


Reproductive Health

Reference materials to confidently screen for the presence of disease-risk genes in expectant mothers


Infectious Disease

QC technologies to enable early detection and treatment monitoring of drug-resistant viruses


iQ NGS QC Management

Full workflow QC management software featuring the SeraCare Confidence Score integrated with the SeraSeq reference material.


White Papers

Catalogs, brochures, and product sheets outlining product features, benefits, technical data, and ordering information.

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How to Ensure Your NGS-Based Tests for Personalized Medicine Are Safe and Effective

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VariantFlex™ library custom services

Access the widest-range of variants in highly flexible and customizable configurations for your NGS or digital PCR assay. SeraCare's Variant Flex program gives you the power to choose your specific combination of variants, allele frequencies, and matrices.

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Partner for precision diagnostics

For the development, validation, and monitoring of next-generation sequencing and digital PCR assays, SeraCare offers Seraseq™ patient-like reference materials. Contact us today to learn how Seraseq products can support your assay development and validation projects.

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Advanced prototype laboratory (APL™)

SeraCare's APL™ provides our most passionate customers with an opportunity to provide important advice on the most pressing problems they are facing and to evaluate early prototype solutions to these problems. Early access and rapid iteration of these solutions form the core of SeraCare's approach to solving critical important problems.

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The Seven Benefits of Clinical Genomics Universal Standardization:  Customer Success Story

“Using reference materials has been key in helping us gain added confidence
in detection of a variety of genetic changes...”
- Dr. Ferreira-Gonzalez

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