SeraCare Partners with NAVICAN on Implementation of Best-In-Class QC Workflow for TheraMap Precision Cancer Care™ Services

MILFORD, Mass., April 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SeraCare Life Sciences has partnered with NAVICAN, an Intermountain Healthcare company, and Royal Philips on the integration of SeraCare’s leading clinical NGS QC solution to support the roll out of NAVICAN’s TheraMap Precision Cancer Care™ services. The integrated solution connects SeraCare’s iQ NGS QC Management software to the Philips IntelliSpace Genomics Platform to automate tracking of all critical genomics workflow QC parameters necessary for monitoring, trending, and reporting on the performance of the TheraMap clinical NGS assay.

SeraCare’s iQ NGS QC Management solution leverages the industry’s broadest selection of quantitative multiplexed DNA and RNA reference materials with a powerful QC tracking and reporting software solution. Clinical labs implementing powerful new NGS-based diagnostics as part of their precision medicine programs recognize the challenges for demonstrating compliance, benchmarking performance, and troubleshooting quickly and effectively. These critical activities are multiplied by the numerous QC metrics that must be tracked in each workflow step and the many genes and variant types validated in the assay. Successfully performing these activities can be a resource drain on labs, even those equipped with bioinformatics teams. Moreover, labs are already investing in several software packages that simplify access to their data sets but lack an overarching system to present the data in context to answer key operational and quality questions. The iQ NGS QC Management solution is a best-in-class tool that works with existing bioinformatics and LIMS infrastructure and can scale as the labs’ needs grow and change.

“NAVICAN is excited to add SeraCare Life Sciences to the list of industry leaders we’ve partnered with as we launch our TheraMap precision cancer service,” said Keith Gligorich, Laboratory Operations Director at NAVICAN. “Incorporating the iQ NGS QC Management solution into our laboratory alongside the Phillips IntelliSpace Genomics clinical-grade platform will help us track all of our QC metrics easily and seamlessly. We are now able to generate reports and track assay performance from our clinical samples with Philips and standardized reference materials with SeraCare.”

“We are so pleased to be working with the visionary leadership at NAVICAN as they adopt a scalable, best-in-class QC platform for their TheraMap Precision Cancer Service. It is no longer sufficient to run just any remnant patient sample as a positive control with today’s comprehensive clinical NGS assays,” said Trevor Brown, VP, Clinical Genomics at SeraCare Life Sciences. Labs need to closely monitor all aspects of their QC metrics throughout the entire workflow with quantitative multiplexed standards, and track performance over time. The iQ NGS QC Management solution is the only tool designed specifically for NGS-based clinical workflows while easily integrating into existing bioinformatics and LIMS infrastructure.”

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