A Letter from Our CEO

Dear Candidate,

Maybe you are a prospective employee interviewing at SeraCare, or maybe you’re a SeraCare team member discovering opportunities to grow within our company. Either way, you’re looking to learn more about who we are, what we believe, and most importantly, what we are doing. I’m incredibly proud of the SeraCare team and amazed at our ability to balance immediate business needs with the longer term view—all while continually innovating to help our customers succeed. Following describes some of the ideas, activities, and developments that I think fundamentally define SeraCare as a company and an employer.

  1. We are a science company – Our core business revolves around the disciplines of molecular biology and genetics, cell biology, immunology, and biochemistry. Over 10% of our staff earned PhDs; our field sales all have strong scientific backgrounds; and most executives are formally trained in science. Our employees, even those without a conventional science background, come to appreciate the life sciences and the power of the scientific process.
  2. We think and act globally – It’s stated in our core purpose: advancing a global understanding of disease. We work with a wide range of stakeholders in North, Central, and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our work with diagnostic laboratories, academic partners, ministries of health, donors, and customers throughout the world helps us address global diseases like dengue fever, malaria, chagas, HIV, genetic disorders, and cancer.
  3. We are redefining diseases – Not long ago, diseases were defined solely by how they made you look and feel. The work we, and many others, are doing is rapidly shifting this understanding down to the molecular level: how cells, genes, and proteins influence (or are sometimes influenced by) different diseases. This redefinition of disease helps improve diagnostic specificity and accuracy, advances that ultimately ensure targeted therapies and improve outcomes.
  4. We promote healthy living – As a company that focuses on healthcare and disease, we don’t forget our own employees. We live the “work hard/play hard” philosophy and encourage active and healthful lifestyles. From company-sponsored Fitbits, to walking competitions, stand-up desks, routine on-site health screening, and “fresh fruit Wednesdays,” we want to integrate healthy habits into our daily workdays.
  5. We embrace change and love learning – Working at SeraCare means always being ready for new challenges and having direct, hands-on involvement with changes in our industry and organization. We’re continually refining how we do business, so adapting and learning are key skills here. We encourage both teaching and learning with lunch seminars presented by employees, lectures delivered by prominent outside experts, and routine training sessions throughout the year.
  6. We empower our teams – We believe that the most successful organizations decentralize authority and decision-making. We share information and rewards to foster an environment of equally shared responsibility. We encourage open and honest communication throughout the company and rely on our teams to make decisions, solve problems, take initiative and hold each other accountable.
  7. We celebrate our successes – Achieving results and delivering on our promises motivates us every day. There is no doubt we hold ourselves to high standards: we know when we’ve done well and admit when we could have done better. But we always take time to recognize individual, team, and organizational wins. Impromptu lunch gatherings, spot bonuses, project mementos, and formal recognition are routine reminders of good decisions, great teamwork, living our values, or just a job well done.
  8. We like data – “Data beats a smart guy with an opinion” – or so the saying goes. We live this maxim by striving to discern the facts before applying our teams’ judgment and wisdom. Understanding our customers and their processes helps us design better products and services, just as surveying our team members helps us develop and implement better organizational practices.
  9. We enable precision medicine – Our products are used throughout the world to develop, validate, and control critical laboratory diagnostics. Precision medicine is all about matching an individual to the specific best available treatment. Molecular and other advanced diagnostics are used to establish that match, and SeraCare products are integral to the performance and accuracy of those diagnostic techniques.
  10. We think beyond our own walls – Our impact on the world is what motivates the team at SeraCare, and we see our role in patient diagnostics as unique, important, and timely. We’re always looking for new ways to use our expertise to help individual patients and vulnerable populations alike.

This is just a sampling of who we are and the work we do at SeraCare. I hope this summary provides some insight into our company and helps answer the questions you had when coming to this site. If you think that you might be a good fit for SeraCare, check out our career opportunities page to see if we have an opportunity for you. If you are a current employee, I encourage you to offer your feedback so we can better understand and meet the needs of our team members. As I said above: we love data!


Charlie Mamrak, CEO SeraCare Life Sciences