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SureLINK™ HRP Conjugation Kit

Material Number 5610-0024
Size 2 reactions
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KPL SureLINK HRP Conjugation Kits are based on well-established periodate chemistry, yielding protein conjugates that are consistent and reproducible. This kit contains all reagents required to conjugate a protein or antibody, including ready-to-use buffers and an optimized storage buffer. Activated HRP is supplied ready-to-use and requires no activation or purification. Sufficient reagents are provided to conjugate 2 samples, each containing between 0.05 - 0.1 mg of antibody or protein.

All kit components are stored at 2-8°C and are stable for one year when stored as recommended.

Reference number: 84-00-03.

Preparation of Conjugates with SureLINKTM HRP and Their Use in Immunoassays

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KPL SureLINK HRP Conjugation Kit

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SureLINK Conjugation Chemistry: Phosphatase Conjugates and Their Use in Immunodetection

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