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LumiGLO Reserve® Chemiluminescent Substrate Kit

Material Number 5430-0051
Size 50 mL
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KPL LumiGLO Reserve is a non-isotopic, luminol-based chemiluminescent substrate designed for the rapid and sensitive detection of peroxidase-labeled conjugates. Provides maximum sensitivity in blotting applications by allowing detection in the femtogram range. Ideal for those situations where the protein of interest is expressed in low abundance. Strong signal is achieved with the use of reduced amounts of precious target and antibodies. Provides a dynamic range that is linear for a longer period which easily allows for multiple exposures.

KPL LumiGLO Resereve Western Blotting Substrate

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Time Course for LumiGLO HRP Chemiluminescent Substrates on Nitrocellulose Membrane

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KPL LumiGLO Reserve Western Blotting

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