AccuTrak™ Qualification Panels

AccuTrak Qualification Panels are designed to deliver the consistent results you need to gain confidence in your assay performance and ensure reagents are operating effectively lot-to-lot.

  • Challenges, verifies, and monitors new reagent lot performance
  • Prevents failed runs by intercepting problem kits affected by shipping and/or storage
  • Trains and evaluates personnel performance on new and existing equipment
  • Helps validate new infectious disease diagnostic assays 
  • Serves as an excellent source of rotating reference material

Reliable, consistent material for your QC program
SeraCare's AccuTrak qualification panels are utilized by clinical laboratories worldwide to help strengthen quality control protocols for infectious disease diagnostic assays. With products for HIV, hepatitis, CMV, syphilis, HPV, and HTLV, SeraCare offers a broad range of reliable, consistent materials to help you effectively monitor the performance of your assays. 

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

Product List

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Material # Product Name Size List Price Unit


AccuTrak™ HIV-1 RNA/HCV RNA/HBV DNA Qualification Panel 5 × 4.0 mL Contact Us EA


AccuTrak™ HBsAg Qualification Panel 6 × 2.0 mL Contact Us EA


AccuTrak™ Anti-HBc Qualification Panel 6 × 2.0 mL Contact Us EA


AccuTrak™ Anti-HCV Qualification Panel 6 × 1.0 mL Contact Us EA


AccuTrak™ HIV 1/2/O/p24 Qualification Panel 6 × 3.5 mL Contact Us EA


AccuTrak™ Anti-HIV-1/2 Qualification Panel 6 × 1.0 mL Contact Us EA


AccuTrak™ HPV Genotype Qualification Panel 25 × 4.0 mL Contact Us EA


AccuTrak™ Syphilis Qualification Panel 6 × 2.0 mL Contact Us EA


AccuTrak™ Anti-CMV Qualification Panel 6 × 3.0 mL Contact Us EA


AccuTrak™ Anti-HTLV I/II Qualification Panel 6 × 1.5 mL Contact Us EA


AccuTrak™ HCV RNA Genotype Qualification Panel 9 × 1.2 mL Contact Us EA


AccuTrak™ CMV DNA Qualification Panel 9 × 2.0 mL Contact Us EA


AccuTrak™ Anti-HIV-1/2 Verification Panel 5 × 0.5 mL Contact Us EA