Sample Prep and Protein Purification

Researchers often need a way to extract their specific samples from complex mixtures. SeraCare offers KPL protein A and protein G products to give scientists a proven method by which they can do this. The protein purification kits contain all of the reagents needed to purify antibodies, including: columns, resin suspension, instructions as well as binding, wash, elution, storage, and neutralization buffers. The buffer system is optimized to permit high recovery of pure antibody from crude serum samples while providing flexibility in desired purifications. Columns can be regenerated after separations and reused.

  • Complete Kits: All required reagents are provided and fully optimized for the utmost convenience and performance. Two complete purification systems accommodate various antibody species and IgG subclasses.
  • Versatile Format: The resin can be used in supplied gravity flow columns or in other automated systems.
  • Cost Effective: Simple regeneration of columns allows for multiple use.

High quality protein A and protein G agarose are the foundation of the purification systems. Each resin has been selected for its superior performance in both immunoprecipitation and antibody purification applications. For the greatest versatility, these resins are available as stand-alone reagents or as part of comprehensive, application-specific kits.

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Protein A Agarose 5 mL $460.00 EA
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Protein A Agarose Purification Kit 5 mL $534.00 EA
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Protein G Agarose 10 mL $617.00 EA
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Protein G Agarose Purification Kit 10 mL $677.00 EA
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