Donate plasma, help advance medical science, and earn additional income while you do it! 
Medical researchers need your help to optimize diagnostic test methods, develop new forms of treatment, and identify a cure for your condition. You can help by becoming a SeraCare blood or plasma donor.

Your donation supports future research

If you have been diagnosed with an infectious disease, an autoimmune disease, severe allergies, or cancer, your participation is critical. With your help, we can make a difference! Participation in our programs brings many benefits including: 

  • The knowledge that you are helping other patients like you
  • Financial compensation
  • Referral bonuses for qualified referrals

Learn more about being a donor

SeraCare is an FDA regulated, HIPAA compliant company that uses IRB approved protocols for the protection of your safety and privacy. Our goal is to make your experience as positive as the outcomes that your donation can contribute to diagnostic and therapeutic research. 

FAQs about plasma donation