Association for Molecular Pathology 2018
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  • Technology to Produce Non-Infectious Recombinant Virus as Reference Materials for Unculturable or Highly Dangerous Viral Pathogens
  • Highly Stable and Commutable NIPT Reference Materials for Validation, Proficiency Testing and Quality Control
  • Optimization Studies for the Development of Highly Multiplexed Reference Materials in FFPE Format for Solid Tumor Profiling
  • The Use of Amplified and Synthetic ctDNA to Assess Variant Calls from Targeted NGS Panels
  • New Technology to Generate Commutable and Comprehensive ctDNA Reference Materials for NGS

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  • Accelerating the clinical implementation of liquid biopsy assays
  • How SeraCare is leading the way in harmonizing tumor mutational burden measurement and assay standardization
  • Ensuring the ongoing quality of your entire NGS workflow with best-in-class NGS QC solutions

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