SeraCare Life Sciences Unveils Rebranding Initiative to Support Company’s Expanding Capabilities for Precision Diagnostics

Milford, Massachusetts, July 29, 2015 – SeraCare Life Sciences, a leading partner to clinical laboratories and global in vitro diagnostics manufacturers, announced at the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) conference today, that it has launched its rebranding initiative as part of the company’s expanding capabilities for the support of advanced diagnostics development.

SeraCare’s rebranding initiative began three years ago, building on its rich legacy to enable sophisticated emerging diagnostic technologies. Since then, the company has implemented tremendous changes, including the development of a focused strategy, key investments in its talent, facilities and technology, and reinvigorating the brand and its core values. With the recent launch of a new precision medicine business unit, SeraCare has expanded their support with new technologies and products for nextgeneration data-intensive diagnostics. 

Precision medicine is an emerging field that holds the promise of revolutionizing healthcare, providing physicians with powerful new ways to diagnose disease, stratify patients, and target treatments. For IVD developers and clinical laboratories, a specialized range of technologies and tools are critical for the research and development of precision diagnostics for precision medicine. The controls, panels and reference materials they use must be from a proven source that offers unparalleled consistency, reliability and high-quality performance. 

“At SeraCare, our employees take precision medicine personally. We are as passionate about the development and performance of precision diagnostics as the dedicated IVD researchers and clinical laboratories developing these assays for patients,” says Charlie Mamrak, CEO, SeraCare Life Sciences. SeraCare aims to leverage the deep experience and unique perspective that comes from its unwavering commitment to laboratories and IVD manufacturers over the past 30 years. With its array of core products and transformative new technologies in development, SeraCare will create solutions that enable the promise of precision medicine. 

“We’re all so proud of SeraCare’s history and are excited to unveil the new SeraCare in a way that will inspire our people, partners and customers. We look forward to a new era of innovation,” says Mamrak.

SeraCare enables the promise of precision medicine by advancing the understanding of disease and providing assurance of the diagnostic result. Our innovative tools and technologies not only ensure the safe, effective, and accurate performance of diagnostic assays but also establish a framework for regulating, compiling, and interpreting data from precision diagnostics. Our portfolio includes a broad range of products such as quality control technologies, disease-state specimens and tissues for research and development, processed biological materials, and immunoassay reagents. For more information, please visit and follow SeraCare on Twitter (@SeraCare).