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Seraseq® Unmethylated ctDNA Mutation Mix

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The use of ctDNA in the study and treatment of cancer continues to expand. Recent advances have highlighted CpG methylation of ctDNA a biomarker with multiple utilities. Methylation status gives insight to tumor recurrence, epigenetic regulation of gene expression and may also indicate tissue of origin of ctDNA.

Despite the impactful layer of information methylation status adds to base-pair level sequencing data and the proliferation of assays to incorporate methylation data, reference materials have been limited compared to other areas of oncology.Seraseq Unmethylated ctDNA Mutation Mix is a low background ctDNA reference material comprised of ctDNA that is unmethylated (<2% detectably methylation) at all cpg sites. it can be used on its own or blended with seraseq methylated ctdna mutation mix to create a desired percent methylated ctdna profile.>

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