VariantFlex™ Library Custom Services

Next-Gen sequencing has enabled IVD manufacturers to rapidly develop new assays for oncology, prenatal and infectious disease testing. VariantFlex supports you in your development and validation process by solving the challenge of procuring rare variants and creating home-brew materials.

Develop your reference materials today with VariantFlex

  • 40 unique, actionable mutations
    • Single-nuceotide vairants (SNVs)
    • Insertion and deletion (indel) mutations
    • Variants in homopolymer regions
    • Formulated as a mutation mix (purified DNA in buffer) or to a specific allelic frequency with a single genomic DNA background GM24384 in a matrix of interest
  • 12 RNA gene fusions
    • Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) sections
    • Available as a mutation mix (purified DNA in buffer)

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Partner with SeraCare 

With over 30 years providing quality control reagents to IVD developers and clinical laboratories worldwide, we help solve assay development challenges. Seraseq VariantFlex offers a time-efficient, cost-effective solution to obtaining your mutations and gene fusions of interest.