iQ Quality Informatics Solutions Overview

SeraCare’s iQ Quality Informatics products deliver the insights clinicians and scientists need to achieve top-tier confidence in testing performance by simplifying quality-control data management and analysis.


Benefits of iQ Quality Informatics Products:

  • Ensure the quality of patient results with robust tools to manage and troubleshoot assays
  • Comprehensive view of quality across all steps in a workflow ensures top-tier performance and simplified troubleshooting
  • Built-in support for SeraCare’s broad portfolio of controls and reference materials so labs don’t have to spend valuable time configuring software
  • Cloud offering allows you to access your data from anywhere and seamlessly scale as your lab grows

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Save your lab time and increase confidence by:  

IQ NGS QC Management Software - 30 day trial

  • Improved quality & performance
  • Be inspection-ready at a moment's notice
  • Visualize trends & troubleshoot runs

   Free 30-Day Trial