SeraCare iQ™ NGS QC Management Software

Next-generation sequencing assays are complex. Clinical labs have unique challenges when it comes to keeping track of all the different QC metrics, from DNA extraction, to DNA quality and quantitation, to sequencing performance, down through pipeline analysis. This becomes even more complicated when using highly multiplexed controls for highly multiplexed NGS assays.

All of your NGS QC Metrics in a single place

The SeraCare iQ™ NGS QC Management software is an easy-to-use, web-based solution that enables labs to track specific QC metrics in a single location and easily visualize the performance of multiplexed QC materials. Save time searching through file folders and laboratory notebooks to gather and review QC metric results. With SeraCare’s iQ NGS QC Management software, all of your NGS data is in one central location.


Unparalleled insights

  • Quickly identify sources of variability within and across runs with Seraseq™ ‘ground-truth’ NGS-reference materials integration
  • Assess results easily using interactive visualizations, including Levey-Jennings plots and current vs. historical averages
  • Define pass/warn/fail thresholds for metrics at the run, sample, or variant level at each step in the QC workflow for automatic assessment

Audit readiness

  • Centralize your NGS QC historical results in a single, easy-to-access location
  • Generate customizable reports with automated metric assessments down to the single variant level at the click of a button
  • Analyze data by multiple elements or metrics, such as read depth, reagent lots, and instrument performance across any time period

Seamless integration

  • Replicate your lab’s entire QC workflow within the application to track every step of the process
  • Gain instant access to results via web-based implementation

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