Proficiency Panel Design

With over 30 years of experience in the diagnostic testing industry and having worked with well-known proficiency providers worldwide, Seracare is your trusted partner for the development of custom profiency products. From intra-lab support programs to global scale assessments, we have the tools, technology, and talent to help you develop the proficiency products you require for the industry.  

Trusted partner for profiency products

When you're searching for a provider to develop proficiency materials, it is important have a partner with proven industry experience. SeraCare has a long history of manufacturing quality control products and validation materials for clinical laboratories. Therefore, we have a well-established, proven method for designing and developing customized products for our clients. 

Leveraging our broad inventory for infectious disease biological materials and advanced technologies to develop biosynthetic materials, we offer tremendous flexibility to design proficiency materials that meet your unique needs and requirements. Products developed by SeraCare are manufactured in cGMP facilities, which are FDA-registered and ISO 13485 certified, ensuring high-quality development, manufacturing, and packaging processes.

Collaborative support team

When you partner with SeraCare, we work with you 1:1 throughout the development process to ensure that your product meets your expectations and requirements every step of the way. Our dedicated project management team and scientific staff will work with you to ensure that your specifications and timelines are met with satisfaction.