SeraCare Advanced Prototype Labs (APL)™

For over 30 years, SeraCare has been focused on solving some of the biggest challenges in laboratory QC and assay development in the world of infectious disease diagnostics. With the recent addition of our new precision medicine business unit, we are continuing this legacy by focusing our investments in our science and technology to solve some of the key challenges with clinical next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays.

The SeraCare Advanced Prototype Labs (APL)™  group is a way influencers, industry thought leaders, and our customers can help to direct our efforts towards, and shape the solutions to, the biggest challenges facing laboratories implementing clinical NGS workflows. SeraCare is deeply committed to developing reference materials, QC tools and technologies that will help test developers better evaluate and validate their NGS-assays and ensure they are performing safely and effectively when in routine use.

Key problems we are currently investing in include: 

  • Better tools for analytical and clinical validation of tumor profiling panels
  • Multiplexed, full process materials that track performance for numerous actionable variant types through the entire NGS workflow
  • Highly commutable, patient-like mimetics for circulating fetal DNA (cfDNA) assays
  • Quality informatics
  • Easier inter-lab external quality assessment (EQA) through use of quality informatics software and ‘ground truth’ reference materials
  • Orthogonally-validated performance panels to dramatically simplify validations or the frequent revalidations with these assays
  • Better methods to consolidate, track and report all the QC performance metrics clinical NGS labs track

How can you participate?

Over the coming months, we’ll be expanding this site to enable our most passionate customers and partners a forum to help shape the clinical QC discussion and the challenges that need to be addressed as well as provide advice and feedback on proposed solutions to these challenges. SeraCare is deeply committed and focused on solving these biggest challenges for the clinical NGS community and is directing significant R&D resources towards this effort. This will be a way for our group members to provide critically important direction; gain early access to our prototype solutions and engage in discussions with our development scientists.


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