Rhodamine-labeled Antibodies (TRITC)

Tetramethylrhodamineisothiocyanate (TRITC) is a derivative of rhodamine and is frequently paired with FITC for double labeling. It is more photostable than FITC but fades with time.

KPL reacts TRITC of the highest quality with affinity purified antibodies. TRITC protein conjugates are further purified for removal of unreacted TRITC. The fluorescent quantum yield of TRITC conjugates is usually about one-fourth that of fluorescein conjugates.

TRITC conjugates are useful as a second color detection reagent with FITC.  A 620 +/- 10 nm bandpass filter is recommended for use with TRITC.  Due to the greater sensitivity of CCD cameras to red emissions, TRITC is an ideal dye for use in image analysis.  TRITC conjugates are best excited with the 532 nm spectral line of the He-Ne laser. They are also recommended as a second color detection reagent in in situ hybridization applications.