R-Phycoerythrin (RPE)-labeled Antibodies

Phycoerythrins are light-harvesting phycobiliproteins found in red, blue-green, and crytomonad algae. R-phycoerythrin is derived specifically from red algae. It can be excited with the 488 nm line of an Argon laser. RPE-labeled antibodies are used extensively in fluorescent immunoassay and flow cytometry applications. They are also ideal for use in multiple labeling with other fluorochromes: RPE and FITC can be used for double labeling in flow cytometry using a single excitation line.

SeraCare offers a variety of KPL antibodies for direct visualization that are labeled with fluorescein (FITC), rhodamine (TRITC), Cy Dyes and R-Phycoerythrin. The spectral separation of their absorption and emission profiles facilitates the design of multiple labeling experiments.