Gold-labeled Antibodies

SeraCare's KPL gold-labeled conjugates are made using two colloidal gold sizes; blotting grade 40 nm and microscopy grade 5 nm. They are reacted with affinity purified antibodies using a proprietary method to remove any uncoupled antibody or remaining unbound gold. Gold conjugates can detect as little as 60 pg of protein on a membrane when used with KPL's Silver Enhancer Kit.

40 nm gold conjugates are ideal for use in lateral flow applications. In blotting applications, 40 nm gold conjugates provide a distinct brown-black specific signal with little or no background when reacted with Silver Enhancer Kit for Blotting.

5 nm gold conjugates are recommended for detection on paraffin embedded or frozen tissue sections or cell preparations. They are designed to provide a distinct brown-black color when bound to a specific target using the Silver Enhancer Kit for Microscopy.

Silver Enhancer Kits

Silver Enhancer Kits are ideal for use with gold-labeled antibodies in either microscopy or blotting applications. They offer a sensitive and simple method for the enhancement of gold-labeled samples. The resulting brown-black stain is permanent and offers sharp resolution and contrast with conventional counterstains.