Cyanine Dye-labeled Antibodies

Cy dye fluorochromes are one of the popular choices for fluorescent labeling in applications such as fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry and fluorescent immunoassays. Cy dyes are excellent alternatives to most other fluorescein dyes as they are brighter and offer greater photostability.

Confocal fluorescence micrograph of HeLa cells 
stained with monoclonal antibody against mitochondria enzyme and Cy3-conjugated anti-mouse antibody (red); rabbit polyclonal antibody to histones in DNA and Cy5-conjugated-rabbit antibody (blue).

Depending on the specific Cy dye, they may also produce less background and may be less sensitive to pH. SeraCare offers a variety of KPL antibodies for direct visualization that are labeled with fluorescein (FITC), rhodamine (TRITC), Cy Dyes and R-Phycoerythrin. The spectral separation of their absorption and emission profiles facilitates the design of multiple labeling experiments.

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