Anti-FluorTag Antibodies and Conjugates

KPL anti-FluorTag antibodies enable researchers using fluorescently-tagged primary antibodies in flow cytometry applications to reuse these primaries in immunohistochemistry (IHC) protocols in order to obtain a permanent record of relative locations of proteins and cells.

Fluorophores utilized in flow cytometry, although suitable for flow cytometry, are not good for microscopy applications due to rapid photobleaching and the need for custom filter sets. The HRP and AP-labeled anti-FluorTag antibodies selectively (see figure below) detect the most common fluorescently-tagged primaries including fluorescein (FITC), Phycoerythrin (PE), Allophycocyanin (APC) and Peridinin chlorophyll (PerCP) primaries. 

KPL anti-FluorTag antibodies are designed for IHC applications when a permanent record is desired, in situations where tissue autofluorescence is an issue, or where greater IHC sensitivity is needed. When coupled with HistoMark stains, they produce permanent IHC results. The AP conjugates can be detected with HistoMark RED and the HRP conjugates can be detected with HistoMark BLACK or HistoMark TrueBlue.