Alkaline Phosphatase-Labeled Antibodies

High Potency ReserveAPTM Conjugates

SeraCare's KPL alkaline phosphatase (AP)-labeled antibodies provide a performance edge over standard AP conjugates. ReserveAP Conjugates are affinity purified and conjugated to the highest grade of alkaline phosphatase using improved proprietary technology. In our studies, the resulting conjugates are several orders of magnitude more potent than our standard line of AP conjugates while exhibiting the same low background and long-term stability. Higher conjugate dilutability is also observed without loss of linearity, enabling precious antigen or primary antibody conservation. 

Chemiluminescent ELISA was performed using constant mouse IgG antigen coated onto a microtiter plate and subsequently probed with varying concentrations of goat anti-mouse IgG(H+L) AP conjugate, including standard AP conjugate and ReserveAP Conjugate. Detection was performed using KPL's PhosphaGLOTM Chemiluminescent AP Substrate.

Conclusion: ReserveAP conjugates offer superior performance to standard AP conjugates.

Reserve AP Conjugates are ideal for use with chemiluminescent and colorimetric substrates in ELISA, blotting, and immunohistology applications. All antibodies are produced in goat or rabbit and are stable for one year when stored at 4 degrees C. They are supplied in lyophilized form unless otherwise noted.