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Trends in Clinical NGS QC Management: Results from a Practitioner Survey

A Genomeweb/SeraCare NGS QC Survey Report

By focusing on how clinical NGS labs determine QC stops; the impact of QC stops on reporting results, lab productivity, and reimbursement; and the use of tools such as reference materials and data management solutions, our goal with this survey was gain greater insight into the QC habits and best practices of the clinical NGS community worldwide.

GW Trends in NGS QC Management Survey Results

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Read the full report to find key results, including: 

  • Industry-wide variability of NGS testing methods and results
  • 50% of respondents are having QC stops at least once a month
  • 74% of labs spend 1-3 days troubleshooting at least monthly
  • "I've never seen anything in my career where there are so many options on how to do testing," said Dr. Gregory Tsongalis, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. 

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