Multi-Center Evaluation of Circulating Tumor DNA Assays

Measurements of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) hold great potential to detect residual disease and monitor therapeutic response and tumor evolution. 

Multi-Center Evaluation of Circulating Tumor DNA Assays

However, there are many technical challenges including trace levels of circulating cell free DNA, short DNA fragment sizes, low variant allelic fractions, and the need to detect all variant types. This multicenter study was made possible with the help of CANCER-ID, a consortium of experts from companies and institutions looking to establish standard protocols for and clinical validation of blood-based biomarkers. This CANCER-ID ring trial was established to help standardize complex ctDNA diagnostic assays by testing highly complex reference standards. 

Multi-Center Evaluation of Circulating Tumor DNA AssaysDownload this poster and watch the video to learn more about this trial which covers the entire workflow from sample preparation through variant reporting. 


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