CleanPlex UMI Lung Cancer Panel for Detecting Low-Frequency Variants
Using a Targeted Amplicon Sequencing Approach and Molecular Barcodes

Using molecular barcodes, or unique molecular identifiers (UMI), with next-generation sequencing (NGS) for detecting somatic variants with 0.1% allele frequency has attracted increasing interest in the field of early cancer detection, treatment monitoring, drug resistance screening, and liquid biopsy applications.

cleanplex video

Paragon Genomics presents CleanPlex® UMI, a multiplex PCR-based ultra-sensitive molecular barcoding technology that significantly reduces false positive calls at low allele frequencies. This technology enables sequenced reads to be grouped by barcodes and traced back to the sense or anti-sense strands of the initially barcoded DNA fragment. The described technology utilizes a 3.5 hour, 3-step workflow to make molecular-barcoded NGS libraries. 

cleanplex poster

Watch the video and download this free poster to see how the recovered number of UMIs is one of the keys for accurate detection of rare mutations with fewer false positives. Over 60% of the recovered UMI is usable in CleanPlex® UMI technology, enabling this technology to detect 0.25%AF with 100% PPV.

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