Workshop Video: Achieving Better ctDNA Assay Sensitivity - Laboratory Perspectives

Two AMP Corporate Workshop Presentations from San Antonio, Texas

Challenging your liquid biopsy assay’s sensitivity requires thorough validation, which is made difficult when relying on scarce, highly variable patient samples.

AMP ctDNA Workshop Part 1

Fill out the form to see Tony Godfrey, PhD, (Associate Chair, Surgical Research and Associate Professor of Surgery, Boston University School of Medicine) present how his team used Seraseq ctDNA reference standards to validate their SiMSen-Seq technology and confidently detect 0.1% mutant allele frequency.

Next, Bob Daber, PhD, (President and CTO of Genosity) discusses NGS-based ctDNA assay validation strategies, including how purpose-built, patient-like reference standards “…allowed us to have high confidence over a wide range of mutations.”

AMP ctDNA Workshop Part 2

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