A Comprehensive, Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing Method that Rapidly and Accurately
Detects Circulating Tumor DNA Variants at 0.1% Frequency in Plasma Samples

Mutation analysis of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in blood-based liquid biopsies provides a minimally invasive approach to detect and monitor disease. Existing next-generation sequencing (NGS) liquid biopsy techniques have laborious and/or inefficient workflows, heuristic error-correction algorithms, and variable performance with clinical tumor-plasma samples.

Asuragen presents a method that combines a kittable, efficient wet-bench workflow with accurate dry-bench analytics to reduce costs and turnaround time, and is relevant to clinical research and patient testing.

Download this poster to see how this targeted NGS method is able to distinguish a low frequency ctDNA signal from background noise in plasma cell-free DNA using a streamlined PCR-based workflow and purpose-built bioinformatics pipeline.

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