Development and performance of ctDNA-based measurable residual disease (MRD) reference materials

Monitoring measurable residual disease(MRD) via liquid biopsy is a highly desirable method for catching early stage cancer and disease relapse long before traditional diagnostics, which generally require significant disease progression for detection. Assays in development include those that target patient-specific variants and fixed panels for all patients. Regardless, detection of variant allele frequencies at extremely low levels, well below the limit of detection of typical circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) assays, presents a challenge that can be surmounted with well-designed reference materials that allow for assessment of sensitivity and specificity. 

Development and performance of a formalin-damaged multiplexed DNA tumor mutation FFPE reference material







Download this poster from AMP 2021 to learn how the Seraseq® ctDNA MRD Panel kit composed of 4 tumor fractions at decreasing levels, meet validation needs of both patient-specific and fixed panel targeted cfDNA NGS MRD assays.