AccuSpan™ Linearity Panels

AccuSpan Linearity Panels are designed to span the dynamic range of quantitative infectious disease assays to evaluate analytical sensitivity. Linearity panels effectively challenge your assay at defined intervals to ensure consistency throughout the entire reportable range. In addition to linearity studies, they are useful for new assay validation, operator training, and troubleshooting when there are signs of assay deterioration.

  • Formulated with high-titer, recombinant, cultured, or naturally occurring whole viruses, serially diluted in human plasma
  • Panel members are calibrated against WHO international standards whenever possible for informational purposes and to ensure traceability
  • Tested against market-leading assays to develop a detailed data sheet for the market of interest
  • Manufactured, consistent, ready-to-use material saves your lab time and resources spent developing homebrew linearity panels

Supporting clinical laboratories worldwide
SeraCare's AccuSpan linearity panels have been a long trusted source of validation material to clinical laboratories worldwide testing for HIV, hepatitis, and CMV. Count on SeraCare to be your partner for reliable quality control materials. 

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

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AccuSpan HBsAg Sensitivity Panel 15 × 1.5 mL Request a quote EA
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AccuSpan™ HBV DNA Linearity Panel 9 × 1.2 mL Request a quote EA
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AccuSpan™ HCV RNA Linearity Panel 8 × 1.2 mL Request a quote EA
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AccuSpan™ CMV DNA Linearity Panel 9 × 2.0 mL Request a quote EA
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AccuSpan™ HIV-1 RNA Linearity Panel 10 × 1.2 mL Request a quote EA
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AccuSpan™ ZIKA RNA Linearity Panel 7 × 1.5 mL Request a quote EA
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