Plasma and Serum Diluents/Derivatives

SeraCare offers over 30 years of experience and innovation in the development of critical reagents for use as diluents in the design of test kit controls and calibrators, cell culture media supplements, blocking agents for ELISA methods, and excipient use in research products. 

Our ability to optimize and customize crucial test kit reagents has supported the development and commercialization of over 50 currently available infectious disease IVD assays. From human serum and processed plasma, to derivatives such as human serum albumin (HSA), human gamma globulin (HGG), and bovine serum albumin (BSA), we offer a diverse range of products to meet your assay development needs.

Custom Processing Services

To support the scale-up and commercialization of your diagnostic assays, SeraCare offers custom processing services. We partner with our customers to develop client-specific product specifications to ensure you receive the materials that you need to effectively manufacture and commericalize your products in the market. 

  • Pre-screening
  • Filtration
  • Treatments
  • Addition of preservatives
  • Packaging

Flexible portfolio supports evolving test methods

As a company proven to evolve with the needs of the diagnostic testing industry, we continue to support our clients with key components and raw materials to develop new test methods, including precision medicine applications and advanced diagnostic testing applications such as next-generation sequencing. Partner with us as a trusted and experienced manufacturer to help you identify the best matrices for your diagnostic assays and accelerate your product development cycle.