Protein Detector™ LumiGLO® Western Blotting Kit

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The Protein Detector LumiGLO Western Blot Kit is designed for low picogram detection of proteins captured on immunoblots. The combination of a highly specific, stable liquid conjugate and a sensitive, chemiluminescent substrate allows rapid and accurate identification of samples.

All solutions required for blocking and washing the membrane and for diluting antibodies are provided. For added flexibility, affinity purified anti-mouse and anti-rabbit secondary antibodies conjugated with horseradish peroxidase are provided in stabilized, liquid form for quick dilution. LumiGLO Chemiluminescent Substrate is provided as a stable two component solution, which emits light when reacted with the HRP-labeled antibody.

Product Highlights:

  • Reliable and economical; ideal for routine blotting applications
  • Produces a sustained, linear signal for multiple exposures on film
  • Anti-mouse and anti-rabbit peroxidase conjugates supplied in stabilized, liquid form


  • Detection Method: Chemiluminescent Western Blotting
  • Stability: 1 year from date of receipt
  • Storage: 2 - 8oC

Western Blot with LumiGLO Chemiluminescent Substrate

E. coli crude cell lysate overexpressing B-Gal detected using a rabbit Anti-B-Gal primary antibody and the Protein Detector LumiGLO Western Blot Kit with HRP Anti-Rabbit Conjugate, 10 minute film exposure.