Protein Detector™ BCIP/NBT Western Blotting Kit

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The Protein Detector Western Blot Kit is designed for the colorimetric detection of proteins immobilized on membranes through either electrophoresis or dot blotting. The combination of highly specific mouse and rabbit secondary antibody-alkaline phosphatase conjugates with a sensitive chromogenic substrate allows rapid and accurate identification of samples.

All solutions required for blocking and washing the membrane and for diluting antibodies are provided. For added flexibility, affinity purified anti-mouse and anti-rabbit secondary antibodies conjugated with alkaline phosphatase are provided in stabilized, liquid form for quick dilution.

The BCIP/NBT substrate is provided as a convenient, ready-to-use solution, which forms an insoluble purple precipitate when reacted with the AP-labeled antibody. The kit is ideal for routine colorimetric detection of overexpressed protein; sensitivity level to 500 pg.

Phosphatase-labeled Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L), Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L), 2 x 120 mL Detector Block Solution (5X), 3 x 100 mL Wash Solution Concentrate (20X), 2 x 100 mL BCIP/NBT Phosphatase Substrate

Product Highlights:

  • Most sensitive colorimetric AP substrate for blotting
  • Sharp band resolution and minimal background
  • Anti-mouse and anti-rabbit phosphatase-labeled conjugates supplied in stable, liquid form


  • Detection Method: Colorimetric Western or dot blotting
  • Stability: 1 year from date of receipt
  • Storage: 2 - 8oC