4CN 2-Component Membrane Peroxidase Substrate Kit

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4 CN Membrane Peroxidase Substrate System detects proteins that have been immobilized on membranes following Western blot transfer or dot blotting. 4 CN (4-chloro-1-napthol) produces a precipitate at the reaction site in the presence of peroxidase-labeled conjugates. An ideal alternative to other, more sensitive substrates where background is a problem. It is optimized for use in membrane assays and dot blots. 2-component format, simply mix and use. 

Product Highlights:

  • Effective alternative to more sensitive substrates when background is a problem
  • High contrast image; ideal for photography and publication
  • Moderate sensitivity


  • Detection Method: Colorimetric Western or dot blotting
  • Sensitivity Level:  Nanogram
  • Required Enzyme:  HRP
  • Stability: Minimum 1 year from date of receipt
  • Storage: 2 - 8oC