Detector™ AP Chemiluminescent Blotting Kit

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2000 cm2 5910-0028 Contact Us
500 cm2 5910-0029 Contact Us


The Detector AP Chemiluminescent Blotting Kit is are designed for the hybridization and chemiluminescent detection of biotinylated DNA or RNA probes on membranes, providing the highest sensitivity of KPL non-radioactive nucleic acid detection systems. Ideal for detection of northern blots or single copy genomic southern blots, moderately expressed transcripts in just 50 ng of total RNA and single copy genes in 1-5 ug human genomic DNA can be observed in as little as 10 minutes.

The kit contains all reagents necessary to perform hybridization and detection of membrane-bound nucleic acids, except for the biointylated probe. Applications include southern blotting, northern blotting, bacterial colony hybridizations, plaque hybridizations, and dot blotting. Detects transcripts in 50 ng of total RNA or single copy genes in 1-5 ug of genomic DNA in as little as 10 minutes, chemiluminescent light emission lasts for up to 5 days, and blots may be stripped and reprobed.