APStop™ Solution (10X)

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APStop™ Solution is a 10X ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)-based solution specially formulated for stopping AP substrate color development.  It is recommended for use with KPL substrates, including BluePhos® Microwell Phosphatase Substrate and pNPP Microwell Substrate System. The resultant reaction product should be read at the appropriate wavelength for each substrate. The addition of  APStop Solution halts further color development without significantly altering the absorbance value.

Product Highlights:

  • Compatible with all KPL colorimetric substrates for phosphatase detection
  • Can stop reactions at specific point for consistent assay-to-assay results
  • Plates may be read up to 2 hours after addition of APStop.


  • Application: Colormetric ELISA
  • Stability: 1 year from date of receipt
  • Storage: Ambient temperature (22 - 28°C)