ACCURUN® 1 Multi-Analyte Negative Control

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1 × 5.0 mL 2010-0013 Contact Us
12 × 3.5 mL 2010-0015 Contact Us


ACCURUN 1 Multi-Analyte Negative Control is an external control for use with in vitro serology assays that detect HIV-1 Ag, HBsAg and antibodies to HIV-1/2, HTLV-I/II, HCV, CMV, and Syphilis. ACCURUN 1 Multi-Analyte Negative Control can help you avoid costly repeats and, more importantly, false negative or positive results by allowing you to monitor your assay with a reliable source of known negative material.

ACCURUN 1 Multi-Analyte Negative Control

  • A ready to use control formulated to be negative across multiple test systems
  • An important tool to run in conjunction with your positive control to appropriately monitor your assay
  • Made from plasma or serum so it closely resembles an actual patient sample
  • A consistent and reliable source of QC material in a convenient multi-analyte format; aids in lab maintaining compliance and meeting regulatory commitments
  • Negative for: Anti-HIV-1/2, anti-HTLV-I/II, anti-HCV, anti-CMV, anti-Treponema pallidum, HBsAg, and HIV-1 Ag
  • Regulatory Clearances: IVD, CE, and HC

ACCURUN Serology controls are some of the most respected in the industry and have long been relied on by many world class laboratories. ACCURUN 1 Multi-Analtye Control can help improve confidence in your test results and assist in maintaining regulatory compliance when part of your laboratory’s quality assurance program.