AccuPlex™ Zika Reference Material

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Developers, regulators, reference labs and proficiency providers want materials which closely resemble natural specimens and require extraction, amplification and detection just like the patient reference material.

AccuPlex™ Zika reference material offers a safe, non-replicative, and fully-extractable positive reference material to fast-track the development of molecular diagnostics detecting the Zika virus. Built with AccuPlex recombinant viral technology, this novel product contains the entire RNA genome of the ZIKV 2007 strain in four separate overlapping virus constructs.

Full-process reference material for RT-PCR-based Zika assays

  • Closely mimics the natural Zika virus in both size and complexity
  • Formulated to ~1.0E+05 copies/mL in 0.25 mL defibrinated human plasma
  • Stable for a minimum of 20 months at room temperature and 2 years at 4ºC
  • Closely resembles ZIka virus structure
  • Suitable for assay validation, lot qualification & training