ACCURUN® 501 C. difficile Control

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ACCURUN 501 C. difficile Control is designed for use with in vitro diagnostic assay procedures for the purpose of monitoring test performance. ACCURUN 501 C. difficile Control is manufactured from cultured Clostridium bacteria of four different strains or species. The bacteria are inactivated and in a human synthetic stool matrix which contains human proteins and genomic DNA.

Vial A501-01 (red capped tube) contains cultured C. difficile NAP1/027/B1 hypervirulent strain (strain BAA-1870)
Vial A501-02 (red capped tube) contains cultured toxigenic C. difficile strain (strain 43255)
Vial A501-03 (white capped tube) contains cultured non-toxigenic C. difficile strain (strain 43593)
Vial A501-04 (white capped tube) contains cultured Clostridium sordelli (strain 9714)
For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.