Controls and Reference Materials

SeraCare’s controls and reference materials are some of the most respected in the industry, providing a consistent and reliable source of material to validate your assays and challenge all aspects of your testing methods. Our controls and reference materials can aid in improving your quality assurance program, while reducing costs from unwanted repeat procedures and saving your laboratory staff time in their daily workflow. 

ACCURUN® controls and reference materials

SeraCare’s ACCURUN controls and reference materials are a trusted source of reliable and consistent QC and validation material for clinical laboratories worldwide. ACCURUN serology and molecular products are designed to help you more effectively challenge your assays, isolate system errors, and provide additional confidence in your test results.

ACCURUN products can help strengthen your laboratory quality control program. With the ability to effectively monitor the performance of your diagnostic assays, ACCURUN products help your lab to avoid costly repeats and, more importantly, ensure the quality and accuracy of your reported test results. 


Seraseq™ NGS reference materials 

Seraseq NGS reference materials are highly multiplexed reference materials developed from engineered cell lines and biosynthetic DNA targets. For clinical laboratories running complex NGS assays, these products offer scalability, flexiblity, and commutability, three critical traits to meet the needs of evolving NGS platforms. 

Designed to support oncology, reproductive health, inherited disease, and infectious disease NGS assays, these products serve as full process reference materials. They are handled exactly like a patient sample throughout the entire NGS workflow, including extraction, quantification, library construction, template preparation, sequencing, and data analysis. 

AccuPlex™ recombinant viral materials 

SeraCare's AccuPlex recombinant viral technology provides assay developers, clinical laboratories, and public health agencies with a powerful tool to fast-track the development, validation, and implementation of molecular tests against pathogenic viruses. 

AccuPlex reference materials are constructed with a replication-deficient mammalian virus (RNA or DNA) rendering them non-infectious. With a protein coat and lipid bilayer, these mammalian virus-based reference materials resemble the complexity of virus targets found in patient samples.

Compatible with RT-PCR and NGS-based assays, AccuPlex reference materials serve as true molecular process controls for your assays.

Resemblance to a patient sample

All of SeraCare's controls and reference materials mimic patient samples, with many products providing full process usage capability, in molecular, serological, and NGS applications. With various customizable features and scalable quantities upon request, you can accurately challenge and troubleshoot your testing methods with increased ease. 

Avoid the costly hassle of sourcing rare patient samples for the assembly of home-brew contol materials, reduce development time, and fulfill the demands of your assay by exploring SeraCare's line of trusted control and reference materials.