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SureLINK™ Modified AP

Material Number 5620-0029
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KPL SureLINK Modified AP is a modified form of alkaline phosphatase (AP) that is ideal for conjugating AP to monoclonal antibodies or other proteins. AP has been modified with the linker succinimidyl 4-hydrazinonicotinate (SANH). Based on unique conjugation chemistry, the Modified AP is part of a two-step coupling reaction. The conjugation reaction takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

Protein primary amine groups are covalently modified with a second linker succinimidyl-P-formyl benzoate (SFB). The SFB-Modified protein reacts through aldehyde reactive sites to a hydrazine group on the SANH-AP (Modified AP). No reducing agents are required for conjugation. The hydrazone bond formed between SFB and SANH is highly specific and stable.

Reference number: 85-01-02.

SureLINK Conjugation Chemistry: Phosphatase Conjugates and Their Use in Immunodetection

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KPL SureLINK AP Conjugation Manual

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