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SureLINK™ Chromophoric Biotin Labeling Kit

Material Number 5610-0027
Size 5 reactions
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KPL SureLINK Chromophoric Biotin Labeling Kits provide a quick and reliable method for labeling antibodies and other proteins with biotin and enable easy measurement of biotin incorporation in the conjugate. Proteins and peptides can be readily labeled with biotin through the modification of primary amines. The advantages of KPL SureLINK Chromophoric Biotin for quantitating biotin incorporation contrast sharply with the limitations of the standard HABA method.

Reference number: 86-00-01.

SureLINK Biotin Labeling Kit

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SureLINK Chromophoric Biotin Labeling Kit for Labeling and Quantitation of Biotin in Protein Conjugates

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KPL SureLINK Chromophoric Biotin-Labeling Kit

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KPL SureLINK Chromophoric Biotin Manual

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